The mission of SPACE is to make ART part of everyday experience and to improve creativity through self discipline combined with the highest quality of conservatory - type education.


By 2015, SPACE will be locally known for the distinctive character of its training, professional readiness of its graduates, and world class productions of its entertainment.

We envision a SPACE that continues to be small and student centered, and increasingly becomes:

  • the place where students engage and benefit from a fully multidisciplinary culture
  • the place where practical training is at the core of every class and every production
  • the place where excellence, curiosity, and innovation are the norms for music/dance

Graduates of SPACE will be known and valued as much for the degree of their culture and imagination as for the caliber of their skills. Selectivity and retention of the best available student talent will increase yearly.

SPACE faculty will be a community embracing the city's most inspiring artist/teachers and guests of special distinction who are deeply committed to deliver all SPACE services.

SPACE will take the best advantage of its Chicago locations by connecting meaningfully to the community of performing arts organizations and to the broad and diverse community of audiences. SPACE will be counted among Chicago's most active presenters, offering student performances of unusual scope and quality and unique annual production.


We Promote individuality within our diverse community. We provide a "safe haven" in which our students can explore their artistic & human potential.

We Value excellence, curiosity, and innovation. We believe there is more to art than virtuosity. Exposure to an environment that values these qualities enriches the artistic qualities in our students.

We Deliver professional readiness through practical training rooted in our multidisciplinary environment.

We Believe artists are citizens with special obligations to their communities and to the arts themselves.