balletBallet is the absolute classic form of dance that builds grace, beauty, poise and strength while developing correct body placement. This artful dance discipline enriches mental and physical dexterity and enhances a sense of artistry in children and adults. SPACE offers instruction in all levels of technique from beginning to advanced.

BALLET 1 (ages 7-9)
BALLET 2 (ages 9-10)
BALLET 3 (ages 11-12)

Dancers in these classes will have a good understanding of classroom etiquette and structure and will have acquired a basic knowledge of dance vocabulary as well as rhythmical, musical and technical skills from which to build and expand. Throughout the students' training in these levels, ballet vocabulary is introduced and instruction allows time for the body to build strength and grow into the technical demands of the ballet technique. While mastering new steps students gain more control and learn how to make clean shapes and lines in their body positions. Previously learned steps are combined in more complicated and challenging ways. It is not uncommon for students to repeat the same level in order to develop strength and coordination in their ballet technique. Proper development of the ballet technique is important in these levels because they are developing the strength in their feet, legs and abdominal muscles, all of which are required for Pointe work. When they are ready, Ballet 3 students will start to learn basic Pointe technique. Proper development is also very important to help prevent injuries.

(ages 13 and up)

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Dancers will know classroom etiquette and structure. At the conclusion of these levels, dancers will have an expansive ballet vocabulary and be capable of executing most steps. Throughout the students' training in these levels, they will continue to improve their ballet technique with repetition and attention to detail as well as strengthening and stretching exercises. They will also be able to maintain their strength and coordination with the addition of complicated and challenging combinations of steps. Dancers at the Intermediate/Advanced ballet level are preparing for Performing Member positions with SPACE Dance Ensemble Pre-Professional Company.

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