Drama Classes


Polka Tots

polka totsIt’s show time! Little stars will sound and walk like a big bear or a cute monkey. Each class a new story will be brought to life. Young actors will explore their imaginations, voices and bodies through new stories. This creative class will help develop self-expression, language skills and memorization. Little stars will have a wonderful time while they perform and socialize with friends.

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Dizzy Tillie Kids

Children learn skills in each of the three Musical Theater disciplines of singing, dancing and drama. In the class they learn where their voices come from and how sounds and rhythm work together with body coordina- tion and balance. Exploring of natural rhythms of the words through storytelling, games and singing popular show songs, children will learn to express themselves physically and emotionally while memorizing lines , new words and phrases through repetition.

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Fundamentals of Acting

actingDiscover the exciting climate of being on stage! It is very important to us that our drama students have a sound theatrical foundation when stepping on stage. Fundamentals of Acting, focuses on script analysis, character creation, stage direction and scene performance.

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charactersWhat makes watching theatre so fun? The characters! Each drama student will be required to choose from a selection of monologues. While exploring and performing these monologues, they will learn to create three dimensional, fun and exciting to watch characters. These characters will be brought to life in a live performance at the end of the session!

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Scene Study

scene studyWhat makes watching so fun theatre?

Learn to find the core, active moment and dénouement of scenes. Students will choose form selected scripts and tackle the elements of those scenes. At the end of each session is a live performance of these scenes!

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shakespeareWhat is drama without Shakespeare? We teach the torches to burn bright ! The study of the great William Shakespeare is something all actors need. We will bring to life the works of Shakespeare in a session ending show, by studying his history, scenes and sonnets!

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improvisationLearn the art of making it up! Space Improv classes teach you the rules of one of Chicago favorite pastimes! Gamest of making it up! In our Improv classes, scene structure, characters and much more! This all comes together with an Improv Show!

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auditioningWant to be ready for any audition? Our drama department allows you to gain insight into preparing for any audition! Each week a new audition script will be given. Each student will be coached and tested on their prep and execution of their performance. (No show for this session.)

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Improvisation Workshop

SPACE Drama will bring in well known, talented and respected actors to do workshops, performances, and Q&A sessions. This will help enlighten and encourage our drama students.

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Stage Singing

Drama Girl
Learn how to sing songs, arias, choral pieces from famous musicals and popular operas with strong vocal techniques while you dance on the stage. With this class students gain wonderful ear and rhythm training and study the resonators of speech and their relationship to the body. Performances at the end of session.

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Stage Movement

stage movementThe performing body is different than the athletic body. In that it is available to play in the world of illusion, and the imagination. Especially the physical imagination must be well trained. In this class students will learn to adapt and coordinate their bodies and move by feelings and passions. Trained bodies and voices will work as an organic whole and lead the dynamic of play.

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