Early Childhood Classes

early childhood


Mommy & Me

Toddlers are introduced to the joy of making music and dancing with mommy or daddy through massage therapy. Rhymes, songs, rhythmic movement basic feet and arm positions nurture the child's musical instincts. Infant Massage is a positive interaction between caregiver and infant. The therapeutic purpose of the massage is to promote circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, relaxation of the muscles, relief of pain, restoration of metabolic balance, and spending quality one-on-one time with your baby.

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Sing & Play

Sing & Play is a class for children 3 ½ - 6 years old. It serves as a preparation for families interested in studying an instrument within the Suzuki environment, and is an opportunity for anyone who enjoys music to have fun. In Sing & Play, children will be introduced to the Orff approach of music education, which uses very rudimentary forms of everyday activities for the purpose of creating music by young individuals. This includes singing in groups and performing voice instrumental music, rhymes and playing instruments such as the metallophone, xylophone, glockenspiel, and other percussive instruments.

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Reading With Music

The successful acquisition of reading and writing in early child skills. Oral language is an interactive and social process, and music is a natural way for children to experience language in an enjoyable way.

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Private Instrument Lessons

SPACE offers private and semi-private music lessons for piano, violin, cello, guitar, recorder, and flute for young children starting age of 3. Each student receives one lesson per week. At each lesson, our experienced instructors observe and listen to the student playing several pieces or exercises. This usually includes material the student has previously learned, as well as the piece the student is currently working on.

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Tods & Tutus

tods & tutusIt is a dance class full of surprises! We want your child to be educated through seeing, touching and listening. He/she will learn basic dance terminology, maintaining body balance, and by imitating the movements - the ultimate basis for more advanced dance classes. As props we use puppets, musical instruments, and motor skills-developing games. Wildly interactive!

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Dancing Word Tales

Non-Verbal Approach to Communication

In this class Movement, Tempo and Gesture are teaching your child how to communicate non-verbally (without words). It will help your child to process and express emotions, and it will stimulate development of his/her early language skills. Children will be encouraged to choose their favorite Fairy Tale character.

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Polka Tots

polka totsIt’s show time! Little stars will sound and walk like a big bear or a cute monkey. Each class a new story will be brought to life. Young actors will explore their imaginations, voices and bodies through new stories. This creative class will help develop self-expression, language skills and memorization. Little stars will have a wonderful time while they perform and socialize with friends.

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Dizzy Tillie Kids

Children learn skills in each of the three Musical Theater disciplines of sing- ing, dancing and drama. In the class they learn where their voices come from and how sounds and rhythm work together with body coordination and balance. Exploring of natural rhythms of the words through storytelling, games and singing popular show songs, children will learn to express themselves physically and emotionally while memorizing lines, new words and phrases through repetition.

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