Alvin Harris


Break / Hip-Hop Dance Instructor
Alvin Harris, known by his students as Mr. Wolf and his peers as FlowWolf, is native to the Midwest and has been Breaking since 2009. He was introduced to Break dancing in High School years. This sparked a journey of self realization and happiness. He dedicated his time to learning this new art by practicing for countless hours on a daily basis, researching YouTube videos from various dance battles, and studying different styles of dance within the culture of Hip-Hop. Naturally, he became involved in the Chicago Breakdancing scene and met his current mentors. Under the guidance of his elders, he was able to foster his passion while competing with local and international dancers. Eventually, he was fortunate enough to share private lessons with legendary Chicago dancers such as Bravemonk from Phase 2, Black Attack, De Fex, and Omega from Crooks Crew, Drops from Boogie Knights and so many more. After relocating to Chicago he has had several teaching opportunities working at Tuley Park District, Perez Middle School, Dovetail Studios, The American Rhythm Center and has performed with Red Bull, The Chicago Peace on the Beach walk, and Enjoy Music Group (EMG). He hopes to change the world through Art and Hip Hop just as Hip Hop changed his life for the better.