Accompaniment Classes

This class is open to upper-intermediate, advanced and to gifted students. It teaches players the communication in music with eachother to accomplish their ensemble. The class is organized in workshop format. In the class each pair performs for their colleagues and in turn observes the others' instruction, scores in hand. Intensive study of technical as well as interpretive aspects of each sonata will be the focus. Performance presence and refinement of ensemble playing, discussion and hearing of concepts will be encouraged.

To be a very good accompanist, a piano player should be an excellent sight-reader. At SPACE advance piano students learn to accompany and sight-read as well. They are taught to follow the soloist with elasticity and to understand the shading and the slight infractions of the rhythm. All successful students will have an opportunity to accompany for Suzuki and voice students and perform in their recitals.
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Music Fees and Tuition