Violin and Guitar Group Lessons

Suzuki violin students at SPACE receive weekly group lessons. Prep - Violin Group Lessons and Advance Violin Group Ensemble

Prep - Group Lesson
The purpose of this lesson is to prepare students for private music lessons with motivation and self-confidence. Students also develop reading skills and ear training through out the academic year.

Violin Group Ensemble
Group lessons are often a student's favorite music-related activity. Students benefit from the listening and modeling each other during lessons, and they take turn to lead the group. The class runs in masterclass format. All students may play individually in front of an audience. The learning situation and practice in front of an "audience" increases the self-confidence of all of the students. Group lessons are also an excellent opportunity for parents to meet each other and share experiences. In repertoire group lessons, pieces are introduced in a vertical arrangement, starting with the most advanced students. As pieces are added, those students who can play them join the group, until everyone is playing Mozart's "Twinkle Variations." The importance of this type of lesson is that young students are exposed to pieces they will learn in the future. Often, a child will learn a new piece simply by attending group lessons.

Group Guitar Lessons are introduction for children to learn guitar within a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Weekly group classes provide the consistency to learn with ease and confidence. The curriculum is planned as a primer for further guitar studies and, upon its completion. The group classes will give an opportunity to students to study several different styles of guitar playing for continued studies such as classical, jazz, folk, and rock. The classes contain all the usual skills associated with learning the guitar. Use of the fingerboard, application of various techniques will be taught.

In summary, group lessons are an important, fun way to expose students to more advanced musicians, to reinforce playing skills, to improve self-confidence and motivation, and to help the parent and child enjoy home practice.

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*Prep - Group Lessons and Group Guitar Lessons are required to be taken with Sing & Play and /or Theory & Solfege

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