Private Music Lessons

lessonsSPACE offers private and half private music lessons for
 piano, violin, cello, bass, guitar, flute, percussion, harp, voice starting at age of three to adults. Harp, guitar and flute is recommended at the age of 7.

Students who start after the age of 7 are required to have solfege classes as well. Each student at SPACE receives one or two individual(professional program) lessons per week. At each lesson, the instructor observes and listens to the student playing several pieces or exercises. This usually includes material the student has previously learned, as well as the piece the student is currently working on. The instructor will also introduce new material. The parent attends each lesson and helps the student work on the material throughout the week of practice at home.

The length of the lesson depends on the student's age, attention span, and level of advancement. Generally, beginners start with 30 minute lessons. As the student advances, the length of the lessons (60 minutes) may increase and the student will be introduced to reading music.

Half private lesson offers to share the same lesson hours with maximum 3 students. Student's ages and levels should match to take the lessons together.

Music Fees and Tuition