Community Engegament Programs

Our philosophy: We incorporate acting, dance, art and music as a way to engage students, and assign roles that build on each student’s personalities and inherent talents. By providing our students achievable goals, they increasingly become more self-confident allowing for the opportunity of the simple goals to eventually become more complex.

Our teaching philosophy enables us to help the students learn better ways to communicate. By processing emotions and their physical responses, our students gain an understanding of body awareness and become more intuitive to others needs further allowing us to create a flexible curriculum to meet the needs of schools.

One of the benefits of having practicing artists teach in the classroom is that students witness the "real-world" application of artistic talent first-hand.

Project With Local Schools

outreach1The SPACE Outreach Dance and Music Programs strive to help build a foundation for artistic appreciation and create greater self-esteem. The program is designed to complement the student’s current academic curriculum by adapting age-appropriate “books” for the stage.

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Educational Program in Music

Educational Program in Music creates an awareness of arts through experiences in music. To build a foundation for artistic appreciation and greater self-esteem, SPACE offers this special program to all public and private schools. The program curriculum meets the Illinois Board of Education performing arts standards.

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In-School Dance Performance

In-School Dance Performance consists of Power Point presentation, lecture and demonstration by professional dancers, SPACE Dance Ensembles, and a narrator. The structure of this performance is to demonstrate the development of dance as an art form including the cultural and social exchanges that occurred over time.

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Dance as an Art Form in the Classroom

This program is facilitated by a teaching artist (6 to 8 weeks program)

Character Dance program is stylized folk or ethnic dance for the Ballet stage. Our mission is to first provide students with academic and performance-related opportunities in different dance styles from Europe, and secondly to enrich their experience through cross cultural interaction. Most popular dances in the Classical Character repertoire are the national dances of Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy and Spain: czardas, mazurka, polka, tarantella, flamenco, etc.