Annual Perform-A-Thon Information

What is Perform-A-Thon?
Every year we hold our end of the year performance as Music, Dance and Drama Perform-A-Thon. Perform-A-Thon combine a musical, a ballet production, music and dance students performances in one day. Other than our fabulous Music, Dance and Drama Student performances, the Perform-A-Thon was established to raise money for the very talented, yet very underprivileged students who otherwise couldn’t possibly grow artistically and become future stars!

We are all aware of the hardships in today’s economy, but a couple of dimes makes a dollar, and a couple of dollars will make a child smile! We are not asking for “plenty” – we are simply asking for whatever you can spare - the coffee money, the “couch” money, the money you spend on your way home to buy ice cream or hotdogs...and comparing to all that madness that we have to face every day, it’s a small contribution that can give our children all that they deserve…

This fundraiser will assist SPACE in our continuing efforts to expand our Music, Dance and Drama programs. The money raised will help us purchase better classroom materials like Orff instruments or a portable electric piano, better equipment for our Music and Dance students like music stands, costumes for drama students. Most importantly though, the money raised will be applied to our Scholarship Program.

With this event, we also like to demonstrate SPACE students’ great achievements and the result of whole year’s hard work. It is very important for us to turn this event to a festive celebration. We ask our students to decorate our school to feel this spirit better.

We always look forward Perform-A-Thon and this is an opportunity to let your child show off all of their hard work.